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Shredder or Granulator: Which is the right machine for me?

Whichever industry your plastics processing facility is in, the terms like shredding, grinding and granulating can feel quite interchangeable.

Since shredders and granulators are all different kinds of machines that reduce the size of scraps, it's easy to think that any of them would be up to the task. However, that presumption is a common mistake, that could be costing your company thousands of dollars.

The two main questions you need to ask yourself when you're processing plastic scraps are:

  • What items are your processing?
  • What will you be doing with the shredded or granulated bits?

If your company takes in large scraps of plastics, a shredder would help out a lot more. Shredders are the machines that reduce big chunks of plastics into smaller, manageable pieces. On the other end, if your facility takes care of small plastic scraps and turns it into even finer sizes, granulators are what you need.

But the differing plastic sizes a shredder and a granulator takes in is just one of many variations of the equipment. At ZERMA we offer a variety of shredders and granulators, each with their own benefits:

Shredding Machines

  • ZBS Small Lump Shredders - designed for in-house recycling of small lumps and purges from blow moulding and injection processes
  • ZXS Heavy Duty Shredders - can handle high input amount with all kinds of plastics as well as other materials like wood, paper, cardboard, e-waste and more
  • ZTTS Tyre Shredders - completely pre-shreds car tyres or large chunks of pre-processed tires down to a size of approx. 150 mm

You can view our full range of shredders here.

Granulating Machines

GSE Economical Granulators - achieves high-quality regrinding independent of the material type or form like injection moulded parts, blow moulded parts, profiles, sheets, film etc

GSP Pipe/Profile Granulators - has a unique feeding hopper designed to handle long pipes and profiles

GSC Compact Granulators - soundproofed machines used in inline operations or central granulators for processing hollow thin-walled products, runners or sprues

You can view our full range of granulators here.

More and more Australian consumer goods and F&B companies are taking a stand to improve their recycling efforts. McDonald's is set to ban plastic straws by 2020, grocery chains Woolworths and Coles have banned single-use plastic bags, to South Australia's coffee chain CIBO announcing a coffee cup recycling program.

Councils across the nation are also trying to provide better recycling stations for locals. This includes the removal of the vague yellow bin in favour of a multi-category system.

While the current national standing on recycling has been deemed an ongoing disaster, it's actually helped create an open dialogue about our current recycling efforts. The more discussion that circulates the global issue from major companies and local communities, the more room there is for us to fix the problem.

From replacing or upgrading your plastic processing equipment to learning more about the different technologies available to improve your recycling systems, ZERMA's team of engineers will be able to help you out.

For more information on all our plastic recycling services and machinery get in touch with one of our constants today. You can contact us on (03) 8792 9777 or send us an email at info@zerma.com

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