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A Guide to Maintaining your Waste Shredder to Ensure Maximum Efficiency!

Waste shredders play a vital role in many global business operations and industries by helping them improve their waste disposal, recycling management and the overall cost-efficiency. more

Shredder or Granulator: Which is the right machine for me?

Whichever industry your plastics processing facility is in, the terms like shredding, grinding and granulating can feel quite interchangeable. more

The Challenges of eWaste - A Global Growth Industry

Studies over the past 25 years in both the US and the EU have shown that the average household 'technology footprint' has grown. Interestingly, the growth in the number and type of products utilised by homes and the residents within them has increased, BUT - the overall material (mass, weight, size, volume) has in fact decreased. more

From Plastic-Eating Bacteria To Advanced Shredders And Granulator: The Journey To A Greener Future

Plastic pollution has become a global concern. All over the world, everyone is experiencing first hand the true consequences of mass consumer goods packaging production. The hunt for a tangible long-term solutions is ongoing but a recent scientific discovery shows that's there's plenty of hope for a clean future. more

Improve Your Environmental Footprint With The Correct Shredder or Granulator

Each year around 19 million tonnes of waste in Australia comes from construction and demolition, which equates to around 40% of the country's total waste generation. However, only 8.5 million tonnes actually ends up in landfill. Due to the large churn of excess timber, plastics and paper in the industry, everyone involved is continuously working to grow the recovery and recycling rate of all products. more

Shred Your Losses: How ZBS Shredders Are The Ultimate Underrated Money Saver

The plastic manufacturing industry is finally changing for the better. More and more consumer good companies have taken a stand on making efforts to reducing their environmental footprint. For instance, Proctor & Gamble, who are renowned for their range of family, personal and household products pioneered the world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle for its Head & Shoulders brand. more

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