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A Revolutionary Change - Go Green with Granulators

Eminent changes and technological advances have been made in recent years, improving the granulation technology and enabling maximum solutions to be found for every production combination. Zerma Australia has been a prominent leader in this field, propelling these developments and aspiring to provide you with the best solution for your granulation needs.

Granulators are the ideal choice for heavy-duty waste management that go beyond the potentials of normal industrial shredders. They can last for more than 30 years with proper maintenance, providing you with the best recycling service.

Going Green with Granulators

In an attempt to curb the negative impact of waste build-up, companies are looking for greener alternatives to turn their waste management into regenerating opportunities. Granulator is one such environment-friendly solution to e-waste recycling, helping companies remodel their waste in an ecologically sustainable manner.

We, at Zerma, have worked with large plastic industries and helped them recycle their excess waste with customised granulating machines according to their requirements. Whatever your requirements or applications are, be assured that every granulator from Zerma is a unique combination of ideal industrial standards and latest technology.

Why Do You Need a Heavy Duty Granulator?

  • Heavy duty granulators are suitable when you want a dust-free collection of powder – for further processing or as a final product. The best part about this technique is that the whole process takes place in a closed vessel.

  • Heavy-duty granulators are best suited when you require denser granules with a compact structure. The higher speed and mechanical force produce denser granules that have better flow characteristics.

  • Heavy-duty granulation process can adapt to both – continuous or batch granule production processes.

Almost 80 % of your product cost can be of raw materials. To save on this, you should reuse the scrap that is produced during manufacturing. Every pound of reuse will help you save from purchasing extra raw materials. You can calculate the costs and see how quick a granulator will pay for itself.

Our engineers at Zerma will get you through this extremely difficult process of finding the perfect size reduction machinery for your business and provide you with the best quality granulators in Melbourne. Whatever your e-waste challenges, ideas or interests are, call us today to find out everything about our bespoke recycling systems. Give us a call on (03) 8792 9777 or send us an email at info@zerma.com.au.

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